2017 was quite the rollercoaster for many, especially if you found yourself in the cryptocurrency space like ourselves. After spending years researching and buying cryptos, we decided it would be fun to record our daily conversations and that's how the Talkin'CryptoPodcast was created. Working full time in the crypto space we try to makes sense of it all.  

Happy listening.


Our Mission

At The Talkin'CryptoPodcast we strive to give our listeners a great source of all your cryptocurrency news and fun. We are in the wild west of the crypto world and want to help shed light and understanding on all that is crypto.  You can start listening from anywhere but we recommend starting with episode #1.  On occasion we might start talking out of our asses but it's all in good fun so don't be afraid to call us out. Although we prefer you share us with your freinds instead. 

if you don’t find a way to make money while you sleep you will work until you die.
— Warren Buffett